Monday, March 26, 2007

I have a green thumb!

Aren't they beautiful! Chris said that we could get more if I didn't kill these two - I know it sounds bad, but I can't keep anything alive! Doing ok so far - day 3, woop woop! I'll keep ya posted!

Milkglass and Easter trees!

This is the milkglass butter dish I found this weekend, quite a steal for only $14 - it's really cute (and I'm such a dork) - I don't even have anywhere to put it...

And this is my Easter tree! Very small, but Chris will go get me some more branches! Thanks for all the cute ornaments mom! :)

My Tazy is so cute!

Just had to share... awww... he loves his frisbee!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Our big day in Lexington!

We had a very nice day in Lexington. We all met up at Rockbridge Winery for a yummy wine tasting! Then we drove to downtown Lexington to do a little shopping and grab a bite to eat.

Kelly found this cute shopping basket/bag. Of course, the guys made fun of us, but whatever - Kelly's a Jasper, which means that of course, even she likes baskets! The power of the basket is inescapable!

I on the other hand did really well - I found these cute little paper-crafted easter eggs for .95 each! I like the idea of an easter tree, but a lot of ornaments out there are really cheesy and gawdy.
I also found a cute little basket purse with BUTTONS all over it - even though I liked it, and I was sure mom would enjoy it - I got too many "noooooo"'s from everyone - oh well. :)

And Larry made a new friend!

Bathroom Re-do

I love my husband, but he does not have any natural ability when it comes to decorating (sorry!). So, even though I told him that he could decorate the little bathroom, when it went for months un-decorated, I figured that I would just do it for him. So I carried on the theme of the cherry curtains in the laundry room right next to it - see if it works or not. Kinda cute I think! Who would have thought that I would ever choose RED in my house...