Thursday, May 31, 2007


I began these socks in early May and made it my goal to finish them by the end of May - granted, it's May 31st at 10:30 PM, but I did it! These are neat because there is no heel involved - they are called "sleeping socks" because you just slip them on and your heel finds a new place each time, so supposedly the heel doesn't wear out. So what next?? :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm done with my cake class! I'm certified!

How cool?! This was my finished product - granted, I was the last person in the class to figure out how to make the roses, but I think in the end, mine looked the best. :) I put WBMS on it so I could take it to school - teachers love cake. :) I think I might take the next level too!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In the past 24 hours...

Chris and Tazy were playing outside with his squirrel, Chris drew his hand back to toss it, and while his hand went forward, Tazy came right at it... totally by accident, and totally innocent, but it still hurts (that's what I'm told). :(

I got a coffee tray (just like mama!). :)

I made cake #2 - a clown cake! Hard to believe that my last class is next week! I'm still making my icing too thick though... hopefully I'll figure it out how to fix it before then...

This last weekend

What a great weekend! It was awesome having everyone up - a real surprise! Chris made a proclamation, and I finished the booties for Code (works right across from me, had her baby boy yesterday - and would you believe it, she was at school and left before lunch, and had him before 3... truly on a teacher's schedule).

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I got a Mother's Day present! And I'm not even a mom! Cool!

So my lovely sister sent me a nice gift in the mail this week. I thought, "Wow! A birthday present, how nice!" So I opened the card, and I saw this:

So then I was shocked, and chuckled to myself, then I read this on the opposite side (note the rick-rack):
Then I eagerly ripped open the packaging to find this treasure:
And Chris and I read it instantly - he has read it twice now and declares that it is his new favorite book. Thanks Kel! :)

My first "professional" cake!

This is my rainbow cake! I didn't follow the pattern exactly because on the picture they had some kid's name who was turning 5, so I decided to put Tazy's name on there. And then I had a lot of icing left, so I just started putting stars all over the name, so just imagine it before that and that's what I made in class! It's a lot harder than I thought it would be, but it's a lot of fun - I feel real fancy doing it... I think I might make a cake for the last day of school, like a WBMS cake or something, we'll see - depends on how much I still like my co-workers! :)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Cake Class!

Ok, so all through my childhood, I was told that I would never take "a cake class" - meaning, an easy class. Well, I am! Just for fun! So, because I'm my mother's daughter, I had to get the organized carrying case for all my stuff, because that's just how I am. My assignment for the next class is to make a whole bunch of frostings and in different colors, then to make a cake, and frost it in light blue frosting.

I decided to do a "trial run" first - so I bought new pans (the 8" rounds are really nice, much better than the 9, I think). Then I made a yellow cake, and they stuck like hell to the pans, so I could hardly get them out, and when I did, they were all torn up - I had to essentially piece it back together. Then I made the buttercream icing, but it was way too thick, no matter how much water I added - and of course, my first cake had to be pink, so I colored it. All in all, it was ok. I'm glad I did a trial run first. There are crumbs all over the frosting, but I'm just going to blame that on the cake - not my fault. :)

I also asked my husband what he thought, and he said it looks great! Now, I know that he's lying to me in other areas because obviously, this cake does not look great. So he revised that thought, and said it looks like it tastes great, which I can handle. Now what to do with the rest of the cake...

I have always wanted to smush cake in someone else's face before... hmm... :)

Our hiking experience in a photo-documentary... enjoy.