Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Quick update...

We had a 2-hour delay this morning, so that's why I'm still up way past my bedtime - I'll be dragging at school tomorrow I'm sure.

I feel down my stairs this weekend and I have a HUGE nasty bruise on my butt. I show it to Chris everyday so he can gawk at how much it has grown.

Busy busy with work. Exams are next week and I feel that the kids are so unprepared; they just need to take their work seriously and they should do okay, but it's up to them at this point.

I've signed up for a pilates class and my first class is tomorrow! I'll update and tell how it goes - I'm kinda nervous because I've never done this before and I might make a total ass of myself, but hell, who cares?

Okay, gonna try to get to bed now. MOM - UPDATE YOUR DAMN BLOG, PLEASE. :) Thanks!